Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Trouble with Tribble Toys

A recent aquisition of the original Star Trek Series, has allowed my kids a foray into the world of their parents (and even grandparents) youth.
So, no surprise that they loved the 'tribble' episode of Star Trek. It was, however, a big surprise when M'Lady declared that she wanted one!

I racked my brains.
I could of course, try and buy one on Ebay for a lot of money. Or I could make something resembling a tribble for a lot less.
It was a no-brainer. I took a trip to the local fabric store and picked out a furry fabric, making sure it was soft and strokable.

Then I had to sew it up. M'Lady was impatient, so rather than take my time to make a nice spherical or hemispherical shape, I cut out semicircles, sewed them together and stuffed the tribble.
The tribble sleeps in M'Lady's bed. Rebel will run around the house with squealing tribbles if you let him, but this ball of fluff is definitely a well loved, homemade toy!


  1. What a good idea!

    I might just have to keep my eyes open for some fur, and make one (or many:-) ) for Paddington:-)

    One of our favourite episodes:-)

  2. Fe... it was so easy. I got 1/4 yard of fun fur on sale, and had LOADS left over. I made a couple more ;)

  3. LOL!
    Wool scraps also make great tribbles. I have some nice scraps that are kitten sized.


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