Friday, October 19, 2007

A frustrating Project

You would never believe it, but this 'easy' pinny turned into a nightmare... all because of the bias binding.
Note to people who want to make it:
1. Sew the pieces together first, trimming the edges even if necessary.
2. PIN the binding in place and check you have caught ALL the edges.
3. CONSIDER basting it!
4. Sew from the narrower side of the bias tape.

I think one of my major problems was that my pretty cotton fabric just loves to fray, and that does not help matters much.
Would I make it again? Yes... because I wont let it get the better of me, and also because it really does look pretty once finished.
Next time, I'll try the cotton flannel ;) Or maybe a seasonal print!
HT to Turkey Feathers for showing the way to the pattern... and who made one too ;)


  1. Gorgeous! I have seen this pattern and it doesn't look easy!! I love the new look on your blog by the way. Very pretty.

  2. Well, the apron is lovely! I love the pink and blue! Welcome to Artist study group. :-)


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