Friday, October 26, 2007

Fit in 40

I was intrigued... Nissa and the Simple Gifts blog are going to eliminate certain foods, go natural cleaning and more for this challenge!

The group beliefs are here:

I believe that I am a living tabernacle. I want my body to be the healthiest it can be in order to live out His mission for me. I know that whole, natural foods, grown and raised organically contain healing nutrition. I believe that I can make a change in the way I care for myself and the precious family He has blessed me with. I believe that He will give me the grace and strength to live life to its fullest.

The premise as Nissa describes it:

That's the whole idea behind "Fit in 40", BTW. We're going to eliminate foods from our homes, cleanse, fast (the last two are off the list for preg/nursing mamas), and use from scratch cooking and food combining to improve our health. It's a 40 day plan to get to where we need to be. It takes committment every day of the rest of your life to maintain it.

I am leery, because DH doesn't take kindly to change, but I can change for me, right? :) You can go to her blog and sign up if you are interested, it starts December 1st, but all the posts will be archived for those who come later!

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