Thursday, October 11, 2007

Maggots, Magnets and Good Ideas

M'Lady came running up to me earlier, her hand held out, squealing about the "weally cute, wittle caterpiwwar" (really cute little caterpillar) she had found. I took one look and squealed... because it was NOT a caterpillar, but a maggot. GROSS!
After making M'Lady get rid of it, I made the kids show me where they had found it... even worse, it was the kitchen floor, right near my kitchen dustbin (trash can to Americans).
I was puzzled... the rubbish was changed JUST last night, and no flies had been in the house for the last few days. Unfortunately for me, we have had a bumper crop of houseflies (bluebottles) this year, much to my disgust (and to the pleasure of the owners of Raid I add-- this is one area I am NOT natural in ;)). Every time you open the door during the day, they seem to get in. I am guessing that this little creature came from one of our weekend visitors. I swept up around the bin. I sprayed the bin with lemon scented Raid (I like the lemon scented one a lot), and I worried. I will be worrying for the next few days, for if there is an insect that bothers me a lot, the housefly is it!

But, life goes on! I saw a couple of great things to share today... Amy at Angry Chicken, has put together a recipe cheat sheet... what a great idea (and time saving too.) I will be making one up for myself, maybe sending a copy off to my little sister who just started university!

And Elizabeth blogs about another brush with burnout, and what she has done to fight it. I mentioned her new collaborative blog yesterday...

And finally the 4Real forums are back up and running, with a new look, and a new purpose! This is such a blessing to the Catholic families out there... and even the non-Catholics who wish for new ideas :)

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