Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday 1st February

Late start today… I made the mistake of showering before Rebel was up, and we had a battle about getting dressed and starting school. I did manage to get the dishwasher and laundry rebooted before he got up though, and once we started school it went well.

Just after we started, I was startled by the local school buses arriving home… apparently the county just arbitrarily decided to close the system down on THREAT of bad weather. We have seen nothing as yet- and the schools have been closed 2 hours already. All I see are teenagers driving up and down the road in their pickup truck, with their buddies in the back.

The family over the street is smart though… their teenage son is loading up with firewood :).

Meanwhile Rebel is colouring and cutting and getting ready to dress up as a Celt… living history for us today!

While he works, I get on the computer, blog and download clip art for notebook pages. I have found Microsoft Publisher to be a Godsend as far as notebooking is concerned. LOVE it!! In the background, my computer updates and slows me down immensely…

Just as lunch approaches, we are finished with the updates and the Celt stuff… immediately the kids dress up. OK Rebel dresses up, M’Lady dresses up a little later once I realize that she really, really wanted to be part of it all :)

Here is Rebel, living up to his name, as a Celt. Note the spikey hair...

A little later, I was brought to realise that M'lady wanted to dress up too... and SHE had to have 'fikey hair' just like her brother.

OK... her hair is too long to spike up like Rebel's, but I put it in a little topknot (which she calls a 'spike', denouncing pineapple, fountain and numerous other names in favour of this moniker)
and off she went to play. The next time I see her, she is naked. Oh well... bath time!

Also wanted to mention: Dawn has parts two and three of her Lesson Planning up…

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