Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday 2nd February

8:30am… Jacobite leaves and Rebel is not up. I decide to wait to stave off battles about dressing first.

9:15am… Rebel is up, and FINALLY dressed. I head upstairs.

9:30am… the school day has NOT started… I am just getting out of the shower (I hate sitting ‘in my dirt’ as it were). I decide to put it off ½ an hour.

10am… a few battles later, math is started and Rebel is working. I think he is growing tired of the repetition at the end of the book… I hope that the new books will arrive soon.

10:20am… I head into the bedroom to mess with the computer in an attempt to print out some notebook pages for later. Rebel works on his derivatives in Latin. He does these really well and I am pleased.

10:30am… break time. I am trying to make some notebook pages, but Rebel is complaining. I download more pictures of birds in hope for something ‘better’.

10:40am… Copywork. Done in super fast time because of the bribe of choosing his notebook page. It turns out well and we are both pleased, but it took too long.

11:10am… we start nature study. I read two chapters from Burgess’ bird book while we watch the feeder… Rebel is identifying birds, until in an exhilarating 15 minute rush, we see more birds the feeder than ever, including some unusual visitors.

We do some work on the Burgess book pages, Rebel narrates on each bird.

12:30pm… it should be lunch. Somehow I am all mixed up, the place is a mess and the kids are playing. I tidy up.

1:30pm… I have made some cheese puffs for lunch. The house is much tidier, and the kids are experimenting with cars and a tube. Rebel has annoyed me all day by filming with his digital camera… but NOT getting any good bird shots. Oh well, I got him back by taking the picture of the kids with the tube… and getting no good bird shots :)

2pm… I sit back down, and read the kids some bird library books we got. As I read The Robins in Your Backyard, M’Lady keeps asking questions about the pictures. Luckily, I got a book with her in mind… made of mainly pictures and single sentence pages it is designed for the curious 3 year old. We enjoy it together before the last of the books I picked out. Jean Craighead George is a new favourite… she has a number of picture books in addition to her chapter ones, and we are reading One Day in the Woods, which has fantastic imagery. The kids are silent (or nearly anyway) while I read.

2:50pm… Jacobite calls in the middle of the story… we discuss some articles I sent him while he tells me he will not be home as early as we had hoped. I begin to get anxious about M’Lady’s birthday present.

3:20pm… I resume the book as we are interrupted on the phone by Jacobite’s boss.

3:50pm… I make Rebel finish his notebook pages. I start to plan next week, and set the kids up with a DVD to watch so I have some peace and quiet to work in. By 4:45pm I decide that it is time for me to ATTEMPT some online work. The internet is slow, and I get mad with it. Only Gmail seems to be fast. The library page is driving me nuts, and I have a long list of books to order. I decide to perservere though, because it frees up the weekend for fun stuff (although planning is fun, ordering books is not as I can only do it one at a time).

Luckily for me, Dawn’s post has given me a few new ideas, Story of the World has another cool activity and it is almost the weekend :)

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