Monday, February 05, 2007


Saturday was a special day… my daughter’s 3rd birthday.
It doesn’t seem like 3 years. Every time I hold her, I am transported back to those baby moments of snuggling. She sleeps better now… and she can actually talk very well. I think she might cry and scream about the same amount though… everything is a big deal for her ;)

We got her a wagon for her birthday… an idea shamelessly stolen from my friend Brooke, who had wanted to get one for her son's birthday (he is exactly one day younger than M'Lady). We had spoken of a sandbox… but when we went looking, she decided on the wagon instead.

They were both up fairly early on Saturday, whereupon she opened her presents and sat playing VERY nicely with her brother.

I made some sausages and pancakes for breakfast, spoke to my Mum who had called to wish M’Lady happy birthday, then everyone ate breakfast. M’Lady did an impromptu fashion show so I could take photos of her in her new clothes before we all got dressed.

After we were showered and dressed, we put on our coats and went for a walk with the wagon.
This was a huge hit… M’Lady very graciously let Rebel ride with her, while Jacobite and I walked alongside, Jacobite pulling them along. A few threats every now and then to let them coast down some VERY steep hills, and the journey was over.

The rest of the day was spent in antique shows and department stores… until evening time. We asked M’Lady where she wanted to eat. It was a toss up between Cracker Barrel and Applebees… eventually the latter won out when we drove past in on the way to CB… following the pleas from the back, we turned around (luckily they are very close to each other) and went into Applebees… where M’Lady declared that her food was ‘delicious’ especially the blondie ;)

Back home to make more robots and watch some DVD’s and everyone was happy!


  1. Oh great! Now you're going to make me have to blog if you start linking to me! :) I'm loving reading your blog, Rachel.

  2. Oh, Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

    Rachel, she's GROWN so very much, and is such a lovely young lady. (She was a lovely baby, too. I just love to see how they grow.)

    May this be another delightful year for your Sweet Baby Girl!



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