Thursday, February 01, 2007

Daily Life... Monday through Wednesday

Monday 29th January

Lessons as normal today… I did a little on St. Thomas Aquinas with Rebel… his own, typed narration caught me laughing though:

St. Thomas was a holly man because he listened to god. A woman came to see him and he threw a stick at her and she ran for her life.

Accurate in a way. I kept it anyway!

Then, mid afternoon brought on a migraine. I often get headaches, but not ones that seem to fit the classic definition of ‘migraine’. I considered the flashing lights in the corner of my eyes a dead giveaway.

By early evening, I felt too nauseous to finish cooking dinner… and by the time Jacobite came home, I was so sick he took over.

Rebel ended up with the same thing… both of us throwing up… he fell asleep, while I attempted to eat the soup Jacobite made me. It did not work… and after taking some medicine, I feel asleep.

A few hours later I woke up and stumbled up to bed, to sleep the rest of the night, thankfully to feel better on rising in the morning.

Tuesday 30th January

Up and at ‘em early today… Rebel was up early because of going to sleep at 7pm last night. He was washed and dressed and raring to go, which meant I could get dressed at the usual time.

After Jacobite left, I quickly emptied the dishwasher, and rebooted the laundry… followed by a shower, and an opportunity to read some. I started school, which was awful because someone was WAY to ready to play. In the end math and copywork went by the wayside, and I skipped on over to Latin (the call card drills are fun) and history…

History was, and is always fun- although sometimes they just wont listen. Still, the story of Grendel and Beowulf piqued interest, and we got through it all. I forgot to do Geography, but no matter, we were just sick.

I make some ham and cheese muffins for lunch- which are a big hit.

The afternoon is peaceful enough- I call Jacobite to ask him to bring home a tube for the battle axe on Thursday, and finish a few library books for our weekly library trip (normally a Monday task).

After fixing dinner, (black bean soup and rolls) and allowing the kids to watch a DVD (for my own sanity) we eat and set off for the library. I have books on hold and books to look for lined up. We stop by Walmart quickly to get some coffee and take a look at the toys for M’Lady’s birthday. She asks for a jump rope, which surprises me… she will be three! How will a three year old jump rope? I sneak in a rubber duck since I threw out a mouldy one just today. We are back around 9, and the kids are off into bed leaving us in peace. More or less.

Wednesday 31st January

Not so early today, but I still manage to reboot the laundry and dishwasher.

School goes better, with math actually being done, but we seem to be running ½ hour behind all this week. Wednesday is Bible Study day… and I coincided the saint study to be the same day. We learn about St. John Bosco, the saint of the day, Joshua bringing down the walls of Jericho and the call of the first disciples. Having managed to squeeze in two exercises of Latin, I am feeling good that we got so much accomplished.

The afternoon is not so good… the kids are manic and the weather too cold for me to watch them outside. We keep an eye on the birdfeeder, which has some new visitors today… two nuthatches, and a pair of red bellied woodpeckers.

I realize I forgot to take out the pot roast for dinner, so I hastily plan something else while serving up soup and sandwiches for lunch. Jacobite is home for lunch today and the kids act up! He tells me he has to go to the dump this evening, so I tell him it should be OK… I have planned on pancakes.

Later I call him with ideas for M’Lady’s birthday present, and we decide to go out to the toy shop to check on some ideas.

When he does come home, he does the dump run, then decides we should eat out. Not my favourite thing to do, but we really need to find a present for M’Lady by Saturday. She KNOWS it is her birthday and is really looking forward to it. She tells me she is especially excited about her jump rope. I wonder what I am in for.

We get back in time to eat our take out, bathe the babies and get them in bed… unfortunately M’Lady had a bit of a late nap and is resisting sleep. We give her an ‘Eye spy’ book to look at and she falls asleep in minutes. Got to love those things!

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