Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monday 12th- Thursday 15th February


A difficult day. Rebel once more lived up to his name as far as math went. I decided it was a lunar thing, since all the ladies on one of my groups had the same issue with their 7 year olds.

Luckily an internet friend called me to tell me they were in town and asked if I would like a visit.

A short 20 minute clean, a bribe to Rebel that he would not be able to play with their kids and an uneaten lunch (kids were too excited) later; we were ready to receive them. Two hours of fun and laughter ensued, and we have plans to do it again, SOON! Shame we don’t live closer!

Monday also happened to be my 8th anniversary. Although Jacobite was caught at work for lunch and couldn’t meet my friends, we had planned on dinner out… an annual tradition for our family. The cheesecake factory was our planned destination and we went, a little surprised by the crowd there, even on a Monday night.

Jacobite had surprised me on his arrival home, with my present.

A 100 year old book, owned (complete with bookplate) by Annie Ware Winsor Allen… one of the contributing authors to the mother's book I mentioned back last month. I was thrilled. It was a Howard Pyle King Arthur series book… and I was really pleased because that is a keeper! Hopefully I will get to read it soon! Oh if only Sunday had not been spent ordering library books ;)

TUESDAY: went surprisingly well. We caught up on all the lessons missed the day before, and enjoyed our take-home cheesecakes from the previous night. Uneventful, and blessedly quiet.

WEDNESDAY: although Valentines Day, was more nightmarish. From the start, it was obvious Rebel was getting ill. He was lethargic and very hard to make respond. Fortunately the threat of being told he would get his work marked wrong made him actually work… and the idea of making Daddy a Valentine really struck him as a good idea. Unfortunately, by the time he had finished, the house was a mess and he was not exactly thrilled at the idea of tidying. The rest of the day was spent watching him get less and less responsive, until at bedtime we determined he had a fever.

THURSDAY: was good… I decided that if Rebel was still sick, he would take a day off… I can’t deal with all the fuss I have to make in order to get him moving. A lazy day has ensued and we are happier for it! Hopefully healthier too…

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