Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th February

Monday… late start to the day. The cold is making everyone miserable and grumpy, but we perservere.

Lessons go more or less as planned, but Rebel doesn’t listen during two of the three stories I read. Never mind, he did manage a good narration of the third.

Good news… the new math books come!

Monday nights are library nights and so we venture off to the library to grab the books I pre-ordered.

Tuesday goes much better… the Latin call card drill is a success, he actually knows them now. Wednesday will be a new stack of cards to learn.

Today is history, a subject we all enjoy a LOT. A map page is done, a colouring page, then I start to make the monk’s robe for our “Monk’s Supper” tonight. It is soup night, and Jacobite has requested Bean Soup, so I put the beans in the crockpot and cook ALL day. I bake some bread, and serve up a hunk of cheese for the kids.

While we wait for the bread to proof, M'Lady and I make boxed cakes... she can do most of it herself, but I measure it out so she can pour. She falls asleep while the cakes cool, and I wake her up after 1/2 an hour to ice them. This is a great way to wake her up... less fuss, guaranteed to get her up well within the time limit before the nap takes away from her night's sleep.

Once the cakes are done, the bread is baked and as soon as Jacobite gets home, I serve the "Monk's Supper" up (idea courtesy of the Story of the World volume II book).

They LOVED it, and here are the photos to prove it :)

Rebel in his 'monk' outfit. OK there is no hood, but it doesn't matter.

A Slightly blurry picture of the monk's supper. I had to use this one because it was the only half decent one where the candlelight shows well. Yes, we went in for atmosphere too :)

This is a picture where you can see the "supper" laid out.

A nice fresh loaf of bread, hunk of cheese and the bean soup. Definitely just what the doctor ordered on a cold day... considering the temperatures never get above 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius), it was definitely needed! When Jacobite came home mid-afternoon to take something back to work, he took a bowlful and ate it, and claims that it really cured his sinus headache. I say it was the cayenne I made him add... my favourite sinus remedy!


Start on time for the first time this week. Unfortunately, someone is not tempted by his new math books to work on them much. I extend the lesson 10 minutes to make him finish the page and move on.

The Latin drill goes better than hoped for, and we enjoy it... although the lesson extends into the break time, it is not by much. I make Rebel enjoy break.

Copywork is easily done when Rebel gets the sentence:
Those who lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas. Apparently he finds it hilarious!
Bible and religion goes fairly well, but Rebel does not listen to the First Miracle. I make him re-read it before narrating it to me. Making the narration page is a hit, and I leave off for the day.
M'Lady decides to go missing at lunch... I run around the house, panicking because I can't find her, only to run into her with sticky hands and face from the cakes she was eating under the table. I feel relieved and stupid... and very shakey!


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  2. Our family is studying the middle ages as well.

    We are preparing for our Monk's supper. I found your blog while looking for ideas. Hmm simpler is better.

    Thanks for posting your pictures.


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