Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A New Blog and A Sad Tale

O.K. So it isn't exactly a new blog, quite so much as a new look to the blog... but do check it out! I worked very hard to do it, with LOTS of tweaks and twists to the simple minima template, but I am quite pleased with the outcome :)

As for the sad tale...
This morning, the children's favourite climbing tree "Mr. Climby" was chopped down. Not by us... but by the people coming through, clearing the area for the powerlines. Now... it's not that I mind them clearing the trees away from the lines... but I did fail to understand a couple of things.

1. Why use a chainsaw to cut away the brush... which will never reach the height of the powerlines? And why do it at 7:30am?
2. Why must they LEAVE all the sawn lumber where it fell? What could that chipper on the back of the truck be for?
3. Since a small, climbing tree is in MY yard, and not on their easement, and the tree is not yet near the powerlines, nor likely to touch them should it fall, WHY did they have to cut down the tree? And if they are going to cut it... don't just BUTCHER the thing, actually take it down! (See the sticking up branch M'Lady is holding on to? That is what is left!).

Mr. Climby in Happier Days.

I guess the tree-cutting men, just wont have to deal with two upset children... one tear-stained face and one very, very mad one!
Jacobite and I are seriously considering a rope swing to help them get over this loss (it being the only really CLIMBABLE tree in the yard (the rest are too tall or too small)... and considering those VERY sharp sticker bushes (Trifoliate Oranges) as a hedge. Betchya they wouldn't dare attack those!!


  1. First, I think your blog looks awesome! Great job with it!

    Second, I'm so sorry about your tree. Sometimes I think workmen with chainsaws just get too cut happy. I have cried over tree losses as if I lost a pet, that is how much I love being surrounded by nature.

    I recommend joining the Arbor Day foundation and plant a new tree. It may not grow quick enough to replace your climbing tree, but at least it is a way to ease the pain of loss. {{{hugs}}}

    Good to hear from you! Thanks for all your comments!

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. That is really sad about the tree. Grrr! Your blog is so beautifully done! Very charming, wonderful colors and fonts.


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