Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mothers and Daughters at Home

Many years ago (well... maybe not that long, but a while anyway ;)) I ran across the Beauty and Grace Academy Blog. It is one of those resources that I love, but don't always remember to link or mention... but everytime I think of something relating to Charlotte Mason and I can't find it elsewhere, I know they'll have something!

Recently, they moved the main blog to Graceful Girlhood, and I am reminded that I really should bookmark it this time ;)

But my friend Dee sent me the heads up for a new enterprise hosted by Graceful Girlhood... and that is Mothers and Daughters at Home.
The premise is to spend the first Friday of each month, a mother and her daughter doing something special together, something that will create lasting memories.

Now I loved this idea... my husband and I have spoken about doing some 'one on one' activities with the children, he with Rebel, and myself with M'Lady. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Perhaps we can bake some cakes together (I am sure she'd love picking one out of my Taste of Home magazine ;)). Or maybe have some tea together (you've seen her tea trolley). Perhaps we can paint our nails matching colours... *grin* (She has only wanted to do that forever). Then again, maybe she might like to spin or knit with me... we could work on something together.
I am not sure the kinds of things we can do. It might just be as simple as reading a special 'girl' book together. I think she'll remember these things!

Not so sure? I was thinking earlier, of one such memory I had. A memory of when my mother had bought a boxed cake mix for me to make myself. Or the times I remember 'helping' her make the cake :) Or when she, my sister and I wore 'matching' dresses... and my brother said we were not twins... but 'twiglets' :D.

In truth, just the spending of time with our parents is all we need to create those memories.

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  1. Hi Rachel!
    I am so glad that you are going to participate in Mothers and Daughters at home! I hope it strengthen your relationship with M'Lady!

    I sent you an email off list, we are in Virginia too!

    Thanks for posting about the event and for using the graphic! :0)



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