Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Things I Planned to do...

Don't always happen!! I have some photos… somewhere… and a gazillion blogs composed in my mind and never written.

There was the blog about Good Friday… complete with photos of the Hot Cross Buns I made… they are still in the camera.
There are the pictures of this year’s Easter Garden… made at the beginning of Lent. It came in quite handy during egg hunting time ;)
Then there was the blog about Christina Rossetti’s poem Goblin Market. That one was quite deep and thoughtful.
There was the blog about our week (terrible) and the Beatrix Potter study we are doing right now (fun).
The notice about how slow my internet has been (the main reason the photos are still on the camera) and the work being done on our house (window frames rotted, so we replaced them).
There was an unwritten blog about snow in April, and how it affected some of my plants (but not the very hardy veggies I planted thank Goodness)… and a few about books I read along the way.

Somehow, the time just seemed to get away from me, so instead, I will tell you about a great deal I got.

You may remember me telling you about The Mother’s Book and my enthusiastic response to it’s wisdom. Then you might also recall my discovery of the books referenced by the Mother’s book, and my telling you that they were part of The Young Folks’ treasury and how hard it was to find it.

The other day, on my weekly trip to the library, I did my usual perusal of the books for sale. Our Library sells hardbacks for 50 cents and paperbacks for 25 cent, so you can get really good deals!

Anyway, I noticed a set of books on the lower shelf… they were volumes 2-10 of The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls… and I didn’t think too much of it, until a couple of the titles caught my eye. Why, they looked an awful lot like the titles of my Young Folks’ treasury!!

So I looked inside the cover… sure enough, they were printed by the University Society and even mentioned The Young Folks Treasury and The Mother’s Book in the frontispiece. At 50 cents apiece, I could hardly pass it up!

Admittedly, they are not the collectibles from the 1912 printing… but rather a 1979 version (almost as old as me!)… but they maintain much of the original content.

The final book, Volume 10, is a guide for parents… basically about parenting. It is rather fun to read the very sensible advice it gives out. I wonder how often it was updated!

The much, much newer versions are quite plentiful and reasonably priced… so here are the names of the volumes if you are interested. There are numerous other children’s ‘Encyclopedia’ sets out there, and a quick browse of Ebay will net you the names of them :)

The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls:

Volume 1: Nursery Favorites Old and New
Volume 2: Happy Hours in Storyland
Volume 3: Folk and Fairytales
Volume 4: Favorite Stories and Songs
Volume 5: Things to Make and Do
Volume 6: Story of Art and Music
Volume 7: Nature and the Universe
Volume 8: Best Children’s Classics
Volume 9: Heroes and Heroines

Volume 10: Infants and Children


  1. Well, get busy girl! I want to read all about these. ;) I've missed you blogging, Rachel. Oh and please share about your Beatrix Potter unit. I just love her! Did you see the movie Miss Potter? I hope your week gets better. Much love, Dee

  2. Here is the unit:
    I have yet to see the movie... I do hope to do so :)
    And, well, I might just share about some of these things ;)


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