Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The things you find in a used book store...

OK, so technically it wasn't a used book store, it was an antique shop... but a bibliophile like myself is obliged to take a look at any old books there. Just ask my DH...
Anyway, I perused the bookshelves of a certain antique store, and found an interesting book entitled The Mother's Book full of wisdom and ideas from yesteryear (1909 to be exact). Actually rather head of it's time, I agreed with much the authors had to say. But I did not pick it up... DH stayed and read some more while I watched the kids and we both went home only to regret not getting the book later.
This weekend saw us back in the store, and actually buying the book (thank goodness it's gems were unseen by other eyes).
When I started to read, I could hardly believe my eyes... I felt like I had discovered another Charlotte Mason.
The book is edited by Caroline Benedict Burrell, with articles written by diverse writers, but my favourite was Annie Winsor Allen... on whom a quick google search revealed that she was Annie Ware Winsor Allen, born 1865 died 1955. A pioneer in the field of education, a teacher... a mother who homeschooled her children when she did not think the local education establishment to be sufficient... and eventually led to her opening her own school.
But back to the book... it reminded me a lot of Charlotte Mason... idea on how to keep the attention of the children, discipline, things they should be learning... and a list of stories to use as examples of behaviour and traits.
I was a little perplexed at first about the stories... they were said to be 'in the library' but no mention of which book or library they belonged to. A bit of sleuthing revealed The Young Folks Treasury (also known as The Young Folks Library) to be the referred to book series.
The MOST interesting aspect of that, is that on even deeper digging, I found these to be the very stories used by Charlotte Mason fans. I do not know if Ambleside Online did this intentionally ;) but of course I know for a fact that Ms. Mason herself suggested some of them.
What a shame such a lovely library is now out of print... I spent a good deal of the afternoon trying to find out as much about the books as I could... and realising that these would make a GREAT addition to ANY homeschool library.
So, an afternoon of sleuthing later, I have in hand the titles of the books in question... all I need now is a show of the CONTENTS of said books :)
But as it is... I will have to keep you posted!


  1. That is a delightful find! I'm sure you've got better resource lists than I have, but have you checked Abe Books? I'll keep my eyes out, here, if you'd like.


  2. Dy,

    I did indeed check the various online book services… and found a few places that sell the whole set :) With any luck, I will convince my DH to buy them, read them, and review them for the readers of this blog ;) And elsewhere in the homeschool universe :D


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