Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Today is my husband's birthday.
We don't tend to do much in the way of celebration for it... it is not the most auspicious timing :) coming as it does right after the holidays.
DH tells me that people often overlook his birthday... so we try to make it as special as we can.
Today we will bake a cake and I will cook his requested meal... minus the stuffing as we were unable to get to the store in time to get any!!
Today is a day, however, that I am truly grateful for... because today is the day my DH was born.
We have been married now, for almost 8 years... and it just keeps getting better.
We are companions in life... we enjoy spending time together, and consider each other our 'best friend'.
We have different likes and dislikes... but they compliment each other. I like history... and so does he, but different eras.
We almost never argue... but often disagree... on such fundamentals as whether America or Britain is better ;)
He loves my cooking and compliments me lavishly on it... which I require in order to feel good :D
He is willing to eat most of my experiments, even if they turn out bad... which is saying something!
I couldn't imagine life without my DH... and I am forever glad that he found me and brought me here!



  1. And a happy belated birthday from us! Isn't it wonderful to celebrate the day your heart's love was born?

    Hey, we make stuffing/dressing from scratch and is super easy. LMK if you'd like the recipe!



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