Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th January

St. Paul is lowered over a wall in a basket.

Thursday went quite well… we started out at 9:30 with our regular 2 pages of mathematics… completed in time with no extras (which is OK, but he will often do twice as much when in the mood ;)).
9:50 am Latin we rushed through with yours truly doing the writing as Rebel translated and recited. Normally I let him do some, but we had missed one lesson this week (see previous post) and therefore had to squeeze everything into the last two lessons. The timed ‘call card’ routine was a hit… we timed it and recorded the time it took.
10:20 saw a quick break (it was quick as we had gone overtime with Latin) and at 10:30 we were at the dreaded copywork. I made him finish the line from Wednesday and at 10:50 we were ready for the next Lesson.
Here I took a break from the usual… instead of history, we did the Conversion of St. Paul… I read his both a recap account and the Bible version from Acts. Then I set Rebel a rather fun task… make some cardstock puppets to put on a puppet show later.
It took the rest of the day… but he did it! His daddy was the proud recipient of a show at bedtime and M’Lady and I got to watch the next day!!

St. Paul is blinded by a light from the heavens.

Friday… 9:30am usual 2 pages of math, 9:50 saw a nice Latin lesson that ended on time at 10:10, leaving rebel with his 20 minute break. He beat the Latin to English call card time, but lost out in the other direction! After break, a line of copywork, followed by nature study. I threw out some breadcrumbs for the birds, allowed the kids to watch the birds at the feeder and on the ground. Then I read two chapters of the Burgess Bird Book, and Moon of the Winter Bird by Jean Craighead George… both of which were enjoyed. Rebel did a page about the house wren and the house Sparrow… neither of which we have seen here, although the chipping sparrow, winter wren and Carolina wren are all regulars in the garden!

You can see pictures of feeder antics over at Wortcunning, the nature blog 

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