Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Hospitable Home

So speaking of hospitality and guests… I have decided to reciprocate the first dinner invitation we received this year, and invite my guest over. There will be five guests… two adults and three children… and that makes a total of five children and four adults… around a table that only seats 6.

This hostess is in need of a few ideas… can you help???

I had thought a buffet style meal might work… but I also need dish ideas… one of my guests is allergic to dairy products.


  1. Hi Rach! Can you set up a "kid's" table? I'll put the kids at the counter or at a separate table and keep little ones (like L) with you all at the big table.

    How about taco salad? Anyone allergic to dairy can just skip the cheese. But you have the BEST recipes - why suggestions from ME? :)

    Have fun!


  2. Rachel,
    Depending on the level of formality you want to achieve, you could have an indoor picnic for the children. Place a pretty cloth on the floor for them to eat on...you could even place a few (plastic) ants for fun! I have found that the more casual dinner parties are the most fun ones You could serve traditional picnic food, too! :)


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