Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Names and Questions

Pseudonyms: I have decided on some for the family.

DH = Jacobite. He chose it ages (years) ago as his handle, I see no reason to change it.
DS = Rebel… appropriate in so many ways.
DD = M’Lady. We call her ‘Ladybaby’ at home… and she is all girl. It seems an appropriate title for a DRAMA QUEEN!!

Now, Fe asked about not getting rid of naptime. Unfortunately, *I* was given that advice after Rebel outgrew it, so I never did do that with him. Luckily I was able to instigate quiet time… it works on the principle of giving him something quiet in his room. M’Lady will play quietly in her room quite happily. I just close the door… I will get interrupted occasionally, but I walk her back to it and let her sit in a small ‘reading nook’ I made for her.
A birdfeeder outside the window, quiet toys work well… and today it is a quiet TV show while I work in Rebel’s room on the computer.

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