Monday, April 30, 2007

Spooky Stories...

Sometimes spring brings with it wonderful opportunities and experiences.
Take for instance, last week. It was garden week here in Virginia, so we took the opportunity to travel to some places and check out gardens. Actually, we didn’t do much of that at all… Jacobite just took some time off to relax with family.
But that was not all…
A beautiful, warm spring day, morphed into a nice, balmy evening. We ate on our newly relocated patio, and lit a citronella candle.
By candlelight, we told ‘spooky stories’… much to the delight of the children, who gasped and gaped in horror, awe… and then laughed at the ‘not so scary’ endings. The following days were often re-enactments of stories or re-telling of them in their own words. Sometimes they were awkward questions… but narration really came alive for them both.
Here are some story telling pictures!

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  1. It was a dark and stormy night...hee hee. Who would have thought Rachel liked spooky stories! ;)


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