Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Stockings

No change in my reading matter since last week (well except to add a few things) since I have not had much of a chance to actually READ between homeschooling and knitting!  I did have to return Outliers to the library before I got to finish it though- hopefully I will be able to get it back again soon!  I shan't put a hold on it though until I have finished what I have in my list- starting with the James Garner biography, which I have been enjoying :)

My knitting has been doing quite well though.  I finished the second stocking (the red one) for my son.  It turned out rather larger than the first because I switched to a circular (16") to knit it- mainly because I had tension issues with the double pointed needles.  You can see the changes I made to some of my charts in action on his stocking- such as the slightly larger gap between snowmen.  You can also see that I plan to go back later to do the stripes on the candy canes- although I am not entirely sure this bought me much time (if any).  I tried out one or two new patterns there too.
Underneath you will notice my 'Quick Knit 1940's Style Sweater'- to which I have added a sleeve today.  I shall start knitting the front next, while I wait for my wool for my son's Christmas gloves.  I shall probably start my own stocking soon too!

Yarning along again with Ginny this week- take a gander at the other participants!


  1. Rachel, They came out awesome and since the stocking is a teenie bit bigger, you can put more in it : )

    I wish you could teach me to knit : ( I feel like I am getting no where fast.

  2. Your stockings are just amazing! Oh my goodness, I would love to learn how to do this:)

  3. Your stockings are amazing! Oh my goodness, I would love to learn how to do this:)

  4. Love those stockings - the detail in them is gorgeous.
    Lovely colour in that sweater.

  5. The stockings are amazing! And just thing, you won't have to do them next year lol.

  6. Love the second stocking :) I really like how they are both different but work perfectly together :)

  7. The stockings are gorgeous! I am in awe of colorwork.

  8. The stockings are amazing!!! You did such a wonderful job with both of them.

  9. Thank you Crunchy Momma :) LOL that is very true- although it was my daughter that wanted a scooter in hers ;)
    As to improving your knitting... I can honestly tell you the BEST thing to do is to just keep at it. It is very true how just keeping on knitting will give you the practise you need to improve. Scarf patterns are ideal as a start- because you can learn so many ways of combining your two stitches without having to worry about shaping (aka increasing and decreasing)- plus their long length gives you lots of practise!
    A sock or stocking is ideal for learning circular knitting, short rows and shaping :)
    Linda: thank you. Tasha over at By Gum By golly has started a 'college' on colourwork if you wish to learn.
    Mistea: thank you :)
    Becks: LOL that is very true :) Thank you!
    Natalie: thank you :) That is the idea- use the same yarn for each but make them all different ;)
    Kate: thank you :)
    Anke: thank you :)

  10. So pretty! I also tend to return books to the library without finishing them...I need to find some less popular books to read so I can renew them once in a while!!

  11. The stockings are absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. those are wonderful. i am still to scared to tackle something like that, but i do love looking at them. LOL

  13. Gorgeous stockings! This is something I've wanted to try. It may just take me all year to get them done for my whole family, though ;) Fantastic work on these!

  14. Ooooooo...gorgeous stockings!! Those are defintely destined to become heirloom pieces for your family. And, James Garner, lots-o-memories there! Handsome and funny!

    I'm doing a quickie crochet stocking that fades in comparison to your beauties.

  15. @Heather: Thank you :) It's not by choice- but I do also tend to get a lot of the 2 week loans- which I should not!
    @Carol: thank you :)
    @momto5: Thank you :) LOL they look far more intimidating than they really are :)
    @Kristen: Thank you :) You should try it!
    @Pooch: Thank you :) Yes- he was a very good looking man!
    I am sure your stocking is lovely!

  16. The stockings are lovely! My mom made us stockings and we still use them :)

  17. Oh I love the classic stockings! Awesome work.

  18. Those stockings are wonderful, I'm in awe. They are good size too, biggish without being really huge - lovely.

  19. Oh my word, those stockings are divine! You rock! Thanks for stopping by my space and for your sweet words.
    The 1940's style sweater sounds great too. I am in awe.

  20. I love handmade stockings and yours are amazing. What a keepsake! And all that colorwork too. Very impressive!

  21. Absolutely amazing knitting! I followed your link from SB's blog...I love your stockings and that mouse is adorable. My 2012 resolution is to finally and properly learn to knit...my aunt has been trying to teach me for 30 years- since I was a little girl. You are an inspiration!


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