Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dickens, Garner and Mittens...

So there is really no connection between all three of these- except that they are in my photo :)
For this week's yarn along, you can see several projects going at once.
I took a short break after finishing DD's stocking, before starting her pair of 'plain mittens' that she asked for as a Christmas gift.  You can see the crocheted 'string' which will hold her mittens in place within her coat sleeves.  I have always loved these because they seem so sensible.  I saw once, either in a knitting book or on a knitting blog, where a knitter made these for herself so she could not lose her handmade mittens.  Since I don't want her to lose her mittens, and I am sure she doesn't want to lose them either!
Now they are finished, I am waiting on a yarn delivery for my son's gloves.

I could only work on these at night, when she wasn't around, so during the day I started work on DS's stocking.  This time my main colour is red :)  Same pattern as before, messing around with the motifs a little and of course changing the order so they are different.

And then, I just had to start one of Alan Dart's Dickensian Mice (or click here for a similar pattern if you cannot see Ravelry).  I managed to get hold of this pattern last year, after Christmas :/  So I REALLY wanted to make them this year.  I learned a couple of things.  1.  Sport weight is too heavy for this really- even though it says DK (it is an English pattern), sport is too thick to use easily on the small needles.  Maybe go up a size or two?  2.  The fingering weight yarn worked find- but not really in conjunction with the sport LOL

Finally the books- you'll noticed two previous (unfinished) books there, and a new one.  The new one (on top) is the James Garner memoir.  It's a very good read, even though I do not agree with him politically!  The writer has managed to write it as though Garner is talking directly to you- very well done!  It is called: The James Garner Files and is by James Garner and Jon Winokur.

Join in the fun or just visit the yarn along over at Ginny's Place: Small Things.


  1. Oh my, that mouse is precious. I'm off to have a peek at the pattern now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alan Dart is some kind of knitting genius. I wish I had every copy of that British Knitting magazine that he so often publishes in.
    Your mousy is adorable!

  3. Oh that I could someday be a good enough knitter to make those mice...so cute! I love that second stocking. Thanks for sharing : )

  4. Your mouse is amazing! I wouldn't have the patience for that, but he looks totally worth it. :)

  5. Your projects are beautiful!!

  6. I love your mouse, he looks rather lifelike!

  7. I think I need to add an i-cord to my mittens as well! Then, when my hands get hot I can slip them off and let them dangle.... hee hee

  8. The mouse is adorable! I remember having "mittens on a string" both myself and for our girls when they were little.

  9. I love the mouse, how amazing!

    I think perhaps I should have a string on my gloves too, being an adult doesn't seem to stop me losing them (luckily I haven't lost any handknit ones!)

  10. I love your festive stocking and the Alan Dart mouse is so sweet.

  11. Goodness- I had to do some fancy manoevering just to comment on my own blog!
    @Rachel: Thank you :) It is a fun pattern, if a little finicky in the sewing up (size rather than anything else LOL)
    @Jess: Simply Knitting. He has a pattern in EVERY month. I love that magazine- I really wish they did a digital copy because I would SO get it! He is brilliant :) His page has some wonderful patterns too...
    @Naturmama: Thank you :)
    @Crunchy Momma: Thank you :) The mice are not particularly hard to knit, they can, however, be fiddly with the small needles and yarn.
    @Pumpkin Pie Baby: It didn't take very long to make- just a couple of hours and at THAT it was longer than it should have because of my poor yarn choices.
    @Linda: thank you :)
    @Charlotte: Thank you!
    @Devonmama: Thank you :) My daughter has now claimed him and crocheted him a box (of delights if you know the book/tv series) to carry LOL
    @Rebecca: LOL I know- I am seriously considering one for my own- once I get around to knitting them LOL
    @Anke: Thank you :) Those 'mittens on a string' get around don't they? lol
    @Pinkundine: Thank you :) The thought of losing the gloves makes me want mine on a string too LOL When I read it, I realized that it was an ingenious idea and there was absolutely no reason I should not have them for myself either ;)
    @Lili: Thank you :) DD has named the mouse Timothy :D

  12. I absolutely love your projects! Thanks for the mouse tips too. Wait are you knitting actual words into your piece?! You rock!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. @Charity- thank you :)
    @Angela: Thanks! And you are very welcome. yes, I am knitting the names of the kids into their stockings :) That's rather a lot of fun ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  14. Your stocking is lovely and the Mouse - woow, how cute! I think mittens on strings are a great idea but the man always remembers a Billy Connolly monologue that cracks him up every time I suggest I make some for the littlies.

  15. Oh I love that little mouse! What a warm and lovingly made holiday your family will have! :-)

  16. @Becks: Thank you :) LOL about the mittens- maybe you can make them when he isn't looking ;)
    @rainblissed: thank you :)

  17. Love your little mouse! So adorable!!

  18. Hmmm...my mom is a huge James Garner fan. Perhaps that would be a good Christmas gift idea! Thanks for the heads up!


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