Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Finished Objects

Today you can see TWO finished objects!  I spent today knitting- because we're having an Indian Summer, and I have taken the opportunity to let the kids out to play rather than keep them inside- the next few months will do that enough!
First up, the Christmas Stocking:

I finished this one LAST night.  It is far from perfect- as can be seen in the photo below!  This is the back- complete with ad-libbed extra stitches which I used just to carry the extra yarn across.  I eventually fixed my graphs- but too late to do the back of this stocking (since I finished it before fixing the graphs!)

But that is OK, no-one really looks at the back anyway- here it is hanging.  You can see that the heel is maybe a little large, and perhaps the foot could be bigger.  I am still pleased with the way it came out.  I shall try my changes out on the next stocking!  Then I will upload a pattern to share.

Here are the fixed graph- arranged in number, with a couple of extra charts I made.  I also made some changes to the tree graph to make the yarn carrying a little better.  The graphs are upside down so you can knit from the cuff down.  I would highly recommend knitting the candy cane in two colours and duplicate stitch the red stripes on because they don't look as good knitted in as I did it.

And finally, my second finished object...

The three hour sweater.  Yes I adjusted the colour again- so you can see the detail.  This indoor lighting is killing my photos!  Unfortunately I only just finished this one tonight.  It probably took a total of about 8 hours or so- maybe 10.  But there were a couple there taken up with frogging and re-knitting things.  Like the sleeve I mistakenly used the wrong needle for.  Or the re-knitting of the body to lengthen it.  So certainly NOT a 3 hour sweater, but it IS a quick knit :)

And the book?  Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.  It is a fascinating story about what makes for successful people.  It uses some well known success stories as examples.  An interesting read!

I am joining in with the yarn along over at Ginny's again this week.  You can participate or see the other participants here.

ETA: I keep meaning to post the link to Tasha's Vintage Knitting College- where she is giving tips and techniques for those who are interested in doing their own colourwork.


  1. the stocking looks adorable - that's a family heirloom right there. I've been recommended Outliers by so many people, must get onto that (maybe a sneaky Christmas pressie for my husband - with the benefit that I can read it after!)

  2. Wow! You've been knitting up a storm! I really love the stocking! and the jumper looks so cozy and warm!

  3. Love your sweater, and I think it's still a respectable time to knit a sweater in really!

    The stocking is really cute :)

  4. Both projects came out beautifully. I just began my first foray into color stranding - a simple two color hat. We'll see.

  5. Wow! Such detail on the Christmas stocking. It's beautiful. As for a 3 hour sweater-is their really such a thing?

  6. @Little Macaroon: thank you :) That sounds like a good plan for the book ;)
    @Debi: thanks! I am wearing the jumper today- I really do love the 30's silhouette of it :)
    @pinkundine: It really is a fast knit- even if it is not 3 hours LOL Thank you!
    @Ellen: Thank you :) I hope your hat goes well!
    @Amy: Thank you :) As to 3 hour sweaters- yes I think there can be one... but you'd have to be one of those really fast fair isle champion speed knitters ;) Alas- I am not!

  7. Gorgeous stocking -- and beautiful red sweater too!

  8. That stocking is gorgeous! You say it's far from perfect, but it looks pretty awesome to me. ;)

  9. Thanks CPCable :) My point was more to show that even an experienced knitter will make less than perfect things :) I don't mind my mistakes- because I learned from them and because the stocking looks pretty darned good to me anyway ;)

  10. What great finished projects! I made a stocking last year and loved how it turned out. I love yours, and all of the fun patterns. I bet it was a joy to make.

  11. Thank you Gretchen- it was a lot of fun, and I am itching to start the next one :)

  12. Awesome Stocking!
    I love the colors!

  13. Love the stocking, something to treasure for a long, long time. And the sweater, lovely, and 10 hours is still a super speedy sweater make....

  14. thank you Kate :)
    Thanks Becks- it is a decent time, for sure :) Especially when you consider it included frogging time LOL
    Thank you Plain and Joyful Living :)

  15. It's so beautiful! I think Santa wants one for his own or you want to keep Santa only in your house :)

  16. Hello again Rachel! So nice to discover your wonderful blog ~ and I LOVE these old fashioned REAL Christmas stockings......the power of the blog world strikes again, I have found a lovely new blog to follow.
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  17. Thank you Karen :) I was so excited to plan these stockings out!


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