Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Pattern and a Sweater

See the other yarn along participants over at Ginny's place :)

So I finished my 'Quick Knit 1940's Style Jumper'- the day after I wanted to!  I wanted to have it finished for last week's yarn along, but a couple of silly mistakes that meant I had to frog the sleeve, meant that it would have to wait a week.
So then today I wanted to show you that AND the other projects in my bag.  Such as the stocking for me and the colourwork gloves for my son- but my camera is missing!
Instead you shall just have to look at the jumper and maybe next week I can find the camera and actually have more than a tiny part of a tiny finger from the glove done :D

You can see my ravelry project page here for details.

There is only one thing wrong with it.  The wool gives me a rash on my neck!  ARGH!  I shall have to try a blend or a merino next time.  It is awfully comfortable and warm though!

 If you click on this image you can see some of my knitted ornaments hanging from my garland.  OK there is also a tatted ornament in there- but they should eventually appear on a proper garland if I ever get around to making it.

The hat I am wearing here is also a hand knit- and I almost lost it!  It is a blend of alpaca and silk I think (I forget now) and the pattern is an early 1900's one (1904), with a most fascinating stitch.    I shall have to dig it out and scan it in for you.  Anyway, I left it behind in the restaurant we ate at- we had to go back and get it the next day!  I would give you  a close-up... but as I said, my camera is MIA!
And through the instant magic of me writing ahead of time, here you go :)  Just click on the image and save it.  I would make it a pdf, but the hosting of that gets squiffy, so images it is for now.

I THINK this is the pattern.  I made it a few years back and now I can't remember- and I am not 100% sure.  All I know is that whatever I did made a most interesting looking stitch!  This particular one though, comes from a knitting pattern book dated 1904.


  1. Nice work on your "jumper". I like the pose with those lovely Christmas decorations!

    I love the name of the hat: Knit Tam O'Shanter Cap. Perfect!

  2. Your jumper is lovely and how amazing to knit a pattern dated 1904!

  3. Maybe you could wear a soft turtleneck underneath your sweater so it won't bother you?
    The hat is adorable and I know you were happy to have it back.

  4. Gee, I wonder if my missing Christmas glasses (I found my missing Santas in the Christmas glass box!!!) are with your camera?? Tis the season!
    Love the sweater--do you think if you tucked a scarf around the neck it would keep the rash away?? So pretty not to be able to wear.
    Also---LOVE the vintage hat pattern!

  5. I think your jumper turned out really nice. Love all your decorations, too.

  6. Love the new jumper. It is too bad that it gives you a rash. Perhaps a different collared shirt underneath?

  7. Your sweater is beautiful and it fits perfectly!! Love the color too :)

  8. Love how the sweater came out! And great pose, too. :o) It must be neat to make something based on a pattern that is from a century ago!

    Peace and Laughter,

  9. @House Full of Jays- thank you :)
    @Linda- it was quite a thrill to do so :)
    @Tracey- it is rather snug, so I don't think a turtle neck would fit :/ Thanks about the hat :)
    @Steph: My camera was at the bottom of my knitting bag- are your glasses in yours? :) The scarf is a brilliant idea- I need to find one :)
    @Anke: thank you :)
    @Mama Gone Green- thank you :)
    @Proud Mama- Thanks! Steph's scarf idea might just work :)
    @Swanski: thank you :) I love that blue too (matches my eyes lol)
    @Cristina: lol thanks :) You don't realise that I took about 100 pictures to get ONE that looked good LOL
    It really is cool to make something from such an old pattern!

  10. I think your jumper turned out really nice.

  11. I LOVE the jumper. Too bad about the rash. If a turtleneck won't fit maybe a dickey? Or just line the neck with a soft fabric?


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