Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gloves and Stockings

I'm yarning along with Ginny again this week.  I managed to find my camera.  In the bottom of my knitting bag- hidden under stuff.  So now you can see what I am up to :)

That blue and orange thing is my son's glove.  I started out with one pattern, which was so incredibly fiddly (I had to knit the fingers first) that I gave up.  I took the graph I needed for the back and added it to another glove pattern (with slight adjustments).
The thing with my name on is a stocking.  I am not sure if they will both be finished by Christmas- the glove set me back a bit because of the re-do.
As for my books- well there are three fun reads: a mystery (the Alys Clare book), a sci-fi (Linnea Sinclair) and a romance (Jennifer Skully) and two Advent presents from Mum and Dad on cooking English specialities :)  I was really excited to see these!  Plans for the week involve making cookies and finishing gloves- I'm hoping to finish this one in the next day.

Oh, and before I forget... many of you have been asking about colourwork in knitting.  It can be fiddly in small projects like the glove, but really easy in bigger projects like the stocking.
For more information you can follow along with Tasha's series at 'The Vintage Knitting College' where she is going through the process of knitting a fairisle sweater.  She posts as she can manage, so you should check back often, but the first couple are a good place to start :)


  1. I love that gryphon glove! The stocking is looking lovely too :)

  2. Wow, your work is amazing. Thanks for the tip on the fair isle.

  3. Really impressive colourwork. I love both!

  4. That colourwork is amazing. Great tip too!

  5. I will check out the tips.
    Happy Holidays!

  6. Hello there Rachael,
    love the fair isle knitting, you're right it can be a bit irksome on smaller projects but always well worth it.

    I do love a good browse through new cookery books too.

  7. Love the patterning on that glove - the gryphon and the x on each finger. Great!

  8. Rachel, I have loved seeing everyone of your stockings in the past few weeks. I hope you get yours finished in time. Of course, we always leave ourselves for last ; )

  9. i'm inspired by you to do stranded knitting again. it's been many years (not sure why) since i've made anything. lovely beautiful knitting.

  10. That gryphon is extraordinary! Thanks for referring me to "By Gum By Golly," too, BTW. As a new knitter, I think I'll find some things there useful.
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  11. Your color work is amazing!!! ( so glad you found the camera!)

  12. These projects remind me of the little red and white fair-isle bonnets that mum used to knit for us when we were tiny...I think they were Scandinavian inspired...I wish I had some photo's of them I can see a really clear image of them in my mind!

    Thanks for directing us to looks really good.

    Have fun with the cookie making and a wonderful holiday weekend.

  13. The mittens and the stocking are both beautiful :) Happy holidays!


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