Thursday, October 08, 2009

EDM #244

Draw the oldest thing in your Refrigerator

EDM #244: Draw the oldest thing in your Refrigerator

Originally uploaded by Spinneretta

And this is mine. Some old horseradish with no use by date and a label 1/2 falling off of it!

I don't remember how long it has been there :-o


  1. I think you can get rid of it now! :o)

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Hahahaha.. now that's really old, but sometimes it's just so hard to get rid of old things eventhough you know you should, but you're just so used of it being there. :)
    Beautiful drawing!

  3. Love your picture. The colors are are gently done and I like how you handled the subject. Good work.

  4. It's a wonderful drawing! As soon as you throw it out you'll come across a recipe where that's just what you need!

  5. Cristina- I'm thinking of emptying it out and keeping the jar ;)
    Alex- very true! Thanks :)
    Ramona- thank you :)
    Ann- LOL that's why it is still there - just in case :) Thanks!

  6. This made me smile today! xo-teri


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