Friday, October 02, 2009

Autumn Accordian Fold

So, I wanted to add a few more pieces to Jeanette's Apple Challenge. More because I felt like trying a few things than for any other reason :) These golden delicious apples are locally grown, and the colours just cried out for pastels :)

First try was not so great, but this one came out well- especially when it occurred to me to add a little detail with the pastel PENCILS :)
Then I found my old accordian fold from last year- unfinished. So I added a couple of pages- with a poem from Kate Greenaway :)

The first leaves to turn here are always the pawpaw ones. They turn yellow with highlights of golden brown :)

I picked these up from the garden and painted them :)


  1. That apple is luminous! Your images are beautifully symbolic of the end of summer and the age of autumn. I enjoyed each one, especially the apple pie poem. :)

  2. Wonderful apple! Just wonderful! The texture is so perfect. I like your leaves too!

  3. Beautiful golden fruits you've made. I especially enjoyed the little poem too and it works so well with the illustration. I recall it from childhood and never entered my head again til now.

  4. Thank you Elizabeth- when I drew the apple, the poem came to mind :)
    Thank you Raena :)
    Jeanette- thank you :) Sometimes the poems just 'fit'.
    I had to add in an 'I' though- there was originally no entry for 'I' :)

  5. The apple is great, and the leaves, too. I like the poems, too.


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