Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recent Finds

I told you a couple of posts ago, that I had some recent finds which I thought were particularly nice and that I would share them with you.
This is not all of them, mind you.  I left some of them tucked away, maybe to share another day ;)

First up, this booklet I discovered for sale on Ebay.

It is from the 1950's and has the most gorgeous fashions in it.  I really love this set on the front- there looks to be three different ones, but they are the same!  It is a cardigan and 'slipover' set.  I fell in love with the white, and my husband the green.  So he bought it for me as an anniversary present!

Look at these two!  Aren't they gorgeous?

Next up this booklet.  It is from the 1930's and I found it hidden in a corner in an antique mall.

It has a huge array of crochet (and some knit) projects- including doilies.  *I* bought it because I loved the accessories.

Please excuse the weird shapes on this picture.
For whatever reason they come out this way
when I scan it.
Look at the pretty crochet lace blouse.  And her hair!  But the picture below is really what I bought it for- crocheted mesh gloves!

I have been wanting some of these forever- and this pattern has them with a hat!
And look at this really cute belt.

Then there is this pattern for a 1905-1907 ladies blouse.  I am not sure how old the pattern is itself, but it is old.  And I love the idea of a REAL Downton piece of clothing!

This dress was another Ebay find.  I love this one- it was whole- even down to the transfer for the embroidered border around the neck and skirt.  I shall definitely try to make this one- maybe in white- or maybe in a pale blue or pink.

Anyway, that's my pattern roundup for today.  I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my stash ;)


  1. Oh Rachel, what marvelous finds indeed!! I wanted to pin some of these to my Vintage Fashion board but it said it couldn't find anything to pin. Any chance of you poinning them to Pinterest so I could get them, too?

  2. They are beautiful! I must admit to being very jealous - I have an ever growing collection of patterns myself (of all those varieties) and also love discovering another...

  3. Val- you and me both LOL
    I really enjoy finding them in the shops- and for good prices on Ebay ;)

  4. These are gorgeous! I love finding these kind of treasures. That dress pattern is especially fine. I hope you post about making it!

  5. Charl- me too :) When I get around to making it, I will definitely blog it!
    I am still working on my muslin for my corset- once I have done that I can blog IT lol


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