Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Knitting Along- 2 collars and a cardigan front.

Knitting Along- 2 collars and a cardigan front.
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Since my batteries are dead in my camera, and all the fresh batteries are gone, I am writing from my iPad. That would be the reason you don't see any books in the picture because I am taking the picture WITH the book I am reading ;)

Here you can see the front of the 1950s cardigan I posted about in my last post.

On top are two crocheted collars I made to liven up a dress I love the shape of but find rather bland. Neither of them took long to make, and both have free patterns online. The lavender one I added shells to the outer edge to make it prettier ;)

I changed my mind about the cardigan I was making from my Madelintosh. Instead I have a 1950s 'slipon' on the needles. It is not pictured as it is currently resting ;)

Book wise I have been reading several novels on my iPad, borrowed from the library. Nothing exciting! Maybe I'll have more exciting reading next time!

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(Sorry I have tried and tried to see the linky there, but I cannot :()


  1. My crocheting is not all that great, but I really like those two collars!
    Where are the patterns to be found? And your variation of adding shells as well.

    Thank you,
    janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
    (Change caps to symbols and lose the spaces.)

  2. OK here is the peter pan type collar I adjusted:

    To add the shells I just put in an extra row. *sc in first st. skip one st, 5dc in next stitch, skip one stitch. Repeat from * along row.

    The second pattern is here:

    The first is a really easy one, if that helps? I think I used thread doubled for it, because I wanted that colour but needed a thicker thread.
    Hope that helps!



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