Sunday, June 06, 2010

EDM #5: Draw Your Bed

EDM #5: Draw Your Bed
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This is my bed- slightly odd perspective because I was sitting on it as I drew it :) The knots on the bedposts are loose and turn- which is why they look funny too ;)

This is an antique Southern America piece- my collector husband tells me it is Loblolly Pine- it is beautiful, very high (around 3'6") and not quite big enough when DD wants to lie in the bed with us ;)
The blanket on the bed is a crocheted one that was given to DH by a friend of his mother. I think she may have been the blind friend, but I am not sure.
Yes. it IS freshly made. No, I did not intend to draw it that way- DH stripped the bed before I could draw it unmade ;)


  1. Very nice. I love how you captured it. The perspective doesn't look strange to me, not the knots.

  2. This looks really nice. You did a great job. I like the wood texture you got in it.

  3. Thank you both :)
    I tried to make sure it looked like wood, and was pleased with the result.
    The perspective just looked a little odd to me, wanted to make sure everyone realised where it was coming from ;)

  4. I really really like the collaboration of your shorter locks and the classic outfits, it's so stunning. You really really fit them!


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