Friday, June 11, 2010

EDM #11: Draw your glasses or sunglasses

EDM #11: Draw your glasses or sunglasses
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Well where do you keep yours? Mine are pretty much always on my face, so that's where I drew them ;)
It's a teeny tiny portrait from a photo (no good mirror for a self portrait using one!). I only took about a hundred photos of myself until I found one I thought looked 'like me' LOL
I kind of like the streaky hair- maybe I'll actually get mine done like this LOL That is supposed to be the shadows and lights!
Yes the glasses are pretty small- but I have drawn them before ;)


  1. Small or large, you still drew the glasses. Good for you for going for the portrait! Turned out great.

  2. Great job using the dark background and everything in the drawing just floats out of the surface! =) Nice glasses by the way

  3. Fabulous!!! I like how you drew yourself wearing the glasses- very creative taking it that extra, extra step.

  4. What a lovely self-portrait!


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