Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yucca filamentosa

Yucca filamentosa
Originally uploaded by Spinneretta

Prismacolor Pencils in Cachet Earthbound sketchbook.

The Yucca filamentosa is a native local plant- we affectionately call him "Spike" and endeavour not to touch because OUCH those spikes hurt!
The spikes are actually in a sort of corona around the plant- but it was 92* outside and I got a little hot ;) Humidity is not so bad, being below 50%- that's rather pleasant for around here ;)

Also added a picture to the project and journalled a large bee...


  1. These are all beautifully done! I always thought those yucca plants were pretty and I love your drawing of one! That brown paper is perfect for those white blooms. The muffins look awfully tasty and your bee page is terrific!


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