Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Secret Project Update

Some more pictures for the secret project :)  These were supposed to be quick and easy paintings, but each one gave me FITS!!

First the mushrooms...

I had a fairly nice reference photo- but it did not have a wonderful light source, being as it was taken on a rather overcast day.  Oh well... that was not really the big issue.  The big issue was the fact that OIL somehow got into my water- which affected the brushes and paints and made it quite difficult to make my paints flow!  I finally figured it out and cleaned it, but everything was just not right after that!

So I went onto the eggs.  My paint was not flowing right STILL, so they did not come out quite the way I wanted either.  And yes- the lack of STRONG light and shadow did not help much either.  I was soon wishing I had chosen the (more expensive) brown eggs ;)  White on white is pretty hard to capture!

Finally came the blueberries.  Blueberries are kind of dusky- they have a bloom on them that makes them NOT shine.  Which made them harder to capture.  These turned out okay but certainly could have been better.  And yes, the oily paint didn't help :/
Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow ;)


  1. I so understand the paint flowing issue. I have days when I feel like my ink is out to get me. No matter what I do, glop, glop, glop. :oP

    If it's consolation, they did come out well. Perhaps if you did a color background for your white eggs, or use a light source to cast a stronger shadow?

    And your work does look good!

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Thanks Barbara and Cristina :)
    Cristina- I kind of need it to be the white background ;)
    But that's OK- it looked good in the project!


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