Monday, May 31, 2010

Notebook Pages

Here are some updated pages from my notebook...

There is of course the bee and cakes from before, but I later added a visit by an Eastern Box turtle to our garden :)  The kids were most disappointed that it was gone the next morning :)

This has a chart of the new Inktense pencils I bought myself :)  You can see the little yellow flowers I found in Jamestown and the Jalapeno peppers I picked this morning, plus a sketch of a chickadee I saw sunning itself!

This page has the pomegranate flowers on my tree... after the neighbour's tree was cut down, it got a lot more morning light and suddenly was covered in buds :)  I also added a leaf from my witch hazel with a gall on it- these galls appear every year and the kids call them 'pimples' and attempt to exterminate them LOL

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