Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wharf Hill Antiques

Wharf Hill Antiques
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Wharf Hill Antiques in Smithfield, Virginia.
I love Smithfield, it has the prettiest buildings (painted ladies) and old stores. Being as I usually go there with family, sketching on the spot is not really possible. Paris Breakfast's wonderful store fronts have inspired me many times though, and I took my wonderful, trusty camera, and took many pictures so I could draw them later :). This is from one of them :)
The only problem with sketching at night, is my light- it was only AFTER I sprayed with fixative (pastels in a journal make this a necessity) that I realised I had missed a spot and made my windows crooked LO


  1. It still looks nice. I'm not sure which window is crooked or what spot you missed. You know, we artists tend to be our own worst critics. ;o)

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. lol very true!!

    Thanks Cristina!

  3. Great picture! I love architecture and you certainly produced a wonderful picture of a great building. Hope you do more.


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