Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Two EDM Challenges and a Flower

I did this tiny (2.5" x 3.5") pastel Jacobite Rose for my husband for his birthday.
This is his favourite rose- and last summer we actually got some decent photos of it! I figured it was a nice summery picture, since he doesn't like winter ;)

A sketch of my daughter posing in the snow- you may have seen the photo. Drawing after the kids are in bed gives me peace and quiet... but no live models!!
I call this one EDM #254 "Something Joyful" :)

Two sets of Christmas socks (OK one set and one lonesome sock LOL)... I love these sock- I think I have a thing for loud socks! The union flag ones always get attention when I wear them, but they are the really short ones that are not so good for wearing in boots. So they get worn either when it is warmer out or around the house!
These last two are in the notebook I made at the same time as my Christmas notebook- which ended up somewhat neglected (I was baking a lot!).

I must also mention my art goals for 2010 :) I kept it simple this year...

1. LANDSCAPES- get to drawing/painting landscapes WELL. I have always had a problem with getting them to look real! So this year, I aim to practise :)
2. Take a class or course. This is leftover from last year, where I missed out a couple of times on a class I wanted to take, so this year I have kept it in.
3. Try new things- new media, new subjects, new ideas :)
4. Draw often. At least once a week. Be creative daily.

Maybe this year I will actually keep these goals :)


  1. Your daughter looks joyful indeed - lovely! And I like your socks too.

  2. Great sketches, especially the socks. That sketch has a real 'painterly' look about it!

  3. Thanks cat :) I am especially pleased with the ladybird sock :)

  4. All three drawings are wonderful, but I like the one of your daughter the best!

  5. Thnaks Donna- the kid pics are special ;)


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