Thursday, January 07, 2010

EDM #250: Draw Something Free

EDM #250: Draw Something Free
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I managed to take advantage of one of the 'after-Christmas sales' online at .
Buy one pair of glasses- get one for free! So I bought two- upgraded on my lenses (I have VERY bad eyesight lol so I needed them thinner).
I love the glasses- and thought they might make a great spread in my notebook.
The only problem with that idea was that the book could NOT fit on the scanner- so I cropped them together ;) You can see my shopping list on the side there- I kind of enjoy it in my notebook, usually my pages are decorated when I see it (this time they weren't, but my book looks nicer than the scraps of paper I used to use ;))


  1. Great drawing! I also got sunglasses from them, so now I can wear prescription glasses driving and I don't have to squint!

  2. WOOHOO!! I admit, I priced them up too... I might even go for them ;)


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