Monday, December 01, 2008

Picture Update!

Although I have not really been online much, I have drawn a little. Obviously my focus has been elsewhere, but I squeezed in some time ;)

"Snakey" is a toy that my kids both have. "Snakey" is a caterpillar. He chases children around and hisses like a snake. No matter how often I tell them he is a caterpillar, he always turns back into a snake.

Experimenting with watercolour pencils can enliven time spent waiting in the car. Here I am trying out techniques learned from Cathy Johnson's watercolour pencil CD.

The kids collected these somewhere, and I liked them so much I had to draw them. This was the first time my watercolour pencils actually came out the way I wanted them too!

I had to get a new orange watercolour pencil since my Derwent one was not working. This is a prismacolor one. It was probably one of my better attempts ;)
Sunsets of autumn are often spectacular here in Virginia. This particular occasion, the sky was a vivid yellow, and the birch tree's lacy foliage just looked so pretty against it. This was another watercolour pencil picture- they are now permanently in my bag because I love their portability!
While knitting one evening, I found myself needing to document it :) Cooler weather brings out the woolly knits!

EDM #199: Draw your toe. OK So I drew 5 of them. There are five on each foot, I can hardly pick just one right? :) I never pass up an opportunity to draw my feet- they are great models, always do as I ask ;)

My latest read, a book of inspirations!! It's Danny Gregory's new book, a fat collection of great illustrated journals and notebooks. I think I like the commentary almost as much as the pictures, because I realise my 'weirdness' about my skectbooks is really not... ;)

After completing a summer accordian fold book, I decided to do an autumn one. This shows my very own, home-grown poemgranate :)

I call it October- because it is really October associations :) I grew the fig too... it was delicious! I hope for a few more next year! The second one never did ripen before the frost felled it!
An autumn staple... only my leaves do not reflect their true colours, which is a huge shame. The sweetgum at the left was a lovely, rich, purple-brown. My paints failed to capture that colour- the other one, a maple, was much brighter red. Oh well, I consider it a great excuse to get some more paints- I probably needed a better colour selection right? ;)

After all the cooking and eating, I managed to draw a piece of the pumpkin pie! I had really wanted to draw the turkey, but I just forgot- even to photograph it! Oh well, it certainly tasted good (even if I do say so myself ;)).
What can be more autumnal than apples? These golden delicious, sit on my table until M'Lady eats them. Or the rabbit eats them. Or both. I had wanted a nice apple themed poem to go with it, but the closest I found was a Robert Frost one about apple picking. Or loads of school-limerick kinds. NOT what I really wanted ;)


  1. So glad to see all the beautiful paintings and how much you seem to be enjoying life. :) It's an inspiration to me to keep trying to find the time to paint and journal myself, and with my Celts. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Wow. I well remember the few yrs I spent in VA-the lovely sunsets and sunrises, yet also the covering of my car in yellow pollen that almost at times needed a snow brush to remove.
    I like your blog and art work. The foot looks good. I can not draw feet or hands well. I think I need to practice them.
    Thank you for your fine coment also on my blog.
    God bless.


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