Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*MY* Christmas Present

*MY* Christmas Present
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So I got this laptop and laptop case for Christmas this year from my wonderful husband :) It's a replacement for my very old desktop, and it is SO much faster- and more convenient (I can blog after the kids are in bed!!)
I tried something a little different technique-wise on this picture. I used a watersoluble graphite pencil... and my watercolour pencils :)
It gives the picture a much more loose feel- which I am trying to get used to :)

You may have noticed my recent attempts to make my pictures in my journals- more 'art journally' :) THAT is the reason for the bright orange background- it contrasts nicely with the very plain (but pretty) black laptop :)

This is something I am thrilled about getting- because now I can actually use those great graphics programs to mess with my pictures :)


  1. I like the orange background and the cute little border. Happy new Year!

  2. WooHoo -- what a NICE new toy!! Terrific job sketching it. I love to play with my water soluble graphite pencils, they can really give a nice effect. Try sketching with them, wash it lightly, let it dry and then apply watercolor pencils for color.

  3. Cool gift. You will ADORE your laptop. Although mine is just about on life support, it's probably one of the best gifts I ever received and definitely used the most. I like the drawing also. The colors are great together. You have a Happy And Safe New Year!

  4. Yep your pages are more art journally - & I like them I keep kind of a garbage can journal all sorts of weird junk ends up on the pages -Yours look great neat and well conceived - I also like your borders


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