Saturday, December 27, 2008

Art Goals 2009

Well Shirley over at Paper and Threads has challenged everyone to list their art goals for the coming year. I am a little reluctant to list too many, because what with homeschooling etc. I am not sure I can do LOADS :)
So I have resolved to make it simple.

Art Goals for the Year 2009

1. Draw daily.
I did really well for a while this year, but overburdened myself before burning myself out. This year I want to continue to draw regularly, but I want to make it a daily thing. It's harder to stop a habit once you start making it a part of your routine :)
2. Maintain an art journal.
This is kind of related to number 1 above. I have made a few books to start working in, and I really want to fill them :) I am beginning to attempt to compose spreads and such, but there is a way for me to go. I dont like to call them journals, I prefer notebooks, but either way, I want to maintain one ;)
3. Continue to experiment with watercolours.
I started using mine this year, and have gotten quite used to them and their ways. I really want to explore them further, and invest in some more colours :)
4. Do the EDM's- try to do all of them.
I would specify ALL of them, BUT sometimes I am unable to do them because I do not HAVE the thing to draw :) I will attempt to do them all though :)
5. Try to take a class, whether online or in person :)
I have seen a couple of ones online I like the look of, so perhaps one of those :)
I'll be sure to blog about them if I do take them :)

So there you have it- my few art goals for the new year (nothing like Shirley's ;)), but I am hoping it is few enough for me to manage :D
Anyone else care to share? :)


  1. I agree. It's sometimes hard for me to even fit in time for my comic strip, but my goal is to try to keep a week ahead of it. I don't have strips for next week of course. I'm off to a flying start!

    I think I need to make sure I carry a sketch pad with me again. I was doing well with sketching regularly when I did that.

    You've given me some things to think about!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas!
    Peace and Laughter,

  2. I just posted mine as well :-) ... its a good idea, I think. Stating what I want to achieve. Trying to be reasonable about what I try for and making myself accountable. Be interesting to see how we do, eh?

  3. I think that those are wonderful goals! Putting something in print can make them easier to think about when you're tired and busy. Some nights I used to just sketch a rubber band - which wasn't easy, but didn't take much time and my daily sketch was done! For me, the other important goal is to upload only several times per week. When I participate in Everyday in May, where every daily sketch gets posted, it is a different experience - and not as enjoyable because each journal page seems more important and less fun.

  4. These sound like very reasonable goals. I'm still working on mine :)
    Having posted them here will be a gentle reminder for you too.

  5. I think those are admirable goals (they are similar to my own). I agree, that keeping it simple is the way to go. We need to give ourselves the opportunity to achieve some successes in order to continue on. Goals that are too complicated to achieve just set us up for failure.
    I wish you all the best in the coming year.


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