Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today's Lesson

We are currently studying that immensely interesting period of English history, the Norman Conquest. Of course, just before the Norman Conquest, there was the Viking invasion. And the Normans were the descendants of vikings... but I digress.
So we decided to keep pressing on with history over the rest of the summer until we can catch up a little.
First up... the vikings, and their ever present 'dragon boats' as M'Lady calls it.
THAT is from the wonderful (if somewhat lacking in detail at times) The Story of the World Volume Two: The Middle Ages.
The Normans were up next, and I managed to find some great online resources.
First, the helmet.
Rebel made this one ALL by himself, following the instructions from here. While he worked on his, I hastily made another... I was fearful of one of two issues... either he would make a mistake, or where one child went, the other had to follow. I was right...

You KNOW you can't leave one out of ANYTHING can you? They could not wait to decorate them, and I was afraid something would get broken (the scissors are out) so I took pictures!
There is a Norman ship to go with the Viking one... and the page they come from has some great Norman Resources.
While working on the hat, we listened to the brilliant Our Island Story chapters on the Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings. THAT is also available for free, but takes a LONG time to download.

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