Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crafting Away

In the last couple of months, I have actually made a few things. In fact, most of the making was done in the last two weeks, but at least one piece is older ;)

First up is a jacket I made, taken from the English knitting magazine, Simply Knitting. It is one of my favourite magazines, not because it has lots of patterns (it has a few, but not loads), but because of the cool freebies it has :) The patterns are a little different too, which is nice. This chevron jacket is from the December 2006 issue.

I made it a little smaller than I wanted to, mainly because I forgot English sizing was different from American sizing! I used Caron Simply Soft yarn, because I like the colours. It worked out very well ;)

Next I made a set for a friend of mine who just had a baby. Cute isn't it? This came from a booklet I picked up at my local knitting shop, for Sirdar Snuggly yarn. I used the recommended yarn ;) This is made for a 3-6 month old because it is WAY too warm for it now ;)

Next up the sling I made for her. You can't see these very well without the Mum wearing it with baby inside, but you get the idea ;)

With the leftover material I made myself a farmer's market bag... these are just rectangles folded and sewn together. The straps were longer rectangles, long ends folded to the middle and then folded in half and sewn. This is really easy to make, and I might make another. It took about 1 yard of material... what I had leftover from the sling :) My friend Sandy, has made a bunch of bags out of vintage fabric leftovers... the ULTIMATE Earth friendly gift. I like it because it looks better than plastic... and it is ten times as strong.
Lest you think I am going mad... I am someone who thinks that the farmer's market is the best place to buy your veggies... eating locally helps your local economy, and it is a lot healthier (read fresher) food wise :) Most farmer's markets have only plastic bags they are re-using to give you... something like my bag is easily placed in the back of the car for trips there!

Last up, is my current (read HOT WEATHER) project... a pair of baby socks for another friend. This is the first of the two, and you can make your own using the pattern here.

ETA: I'm sorry, but my posts appeared to have had their pictures eaten yesterday :( So I replaced them!

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