Thursday, May 10, 2007

Goodbye Mr. Blair

I see Tony Blair is stepping down from his role as Prime Minister of England. I know many of my fellow countrymen are glad to see him go, but I am a little sad. I have been a staunch follower of Blair, and a supporter since I used my very first vote to get him elected as Prime Minister. And I never regretted it!

There are so many people that seem to think his term has caused England to deteriorate into a nanny state or that his actions caused the 7/7 attacks in London.

I disagree. Those people are submitting to the whims of the terrorists, they are showing fear that we caused them to react. I am sorry folks, but we cannot make other people do such evil deeds. That is their choice not ours.

I have great respect for Mr. Blair. Unlike the president of the United States, he knows when to apologise, and when to accept the blame. He does so with great humility. I was proud to be an Englishwoman who had voted for him.

10 years is a long time though, and everyone knows that Mr. Blair never wanted to stay too long a time in the government. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. I can’t say that I know much about Gordon Brown, but I do not find him as charismatic as Mr. Blair. We shall see. This year promises to be an interesting one as far as world politics—one election down in France, and one to go in England!!

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