Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gardens and History!

First... gardens: I have been offline all week, or I would have mentioned that Jennifer has hosted the Loveliness of Gardens of which I am honoured to be a part :)

Take a look at my Garden Blog for an update on my own garden!

Secondly, History:

We go to Jamestowne Tomorrow. Yes, we have tickets to the first day of the 400th Annviersary of the nation… what could be more exciting?! With luck the weather will be fair, the traffic not so bad (although we have to park miles away we can get a shuttle bus!!) and the entertainment good.

The Richmond Symphony is supposed to be there, along with 5 other stages of music, food, entertainment and all sorts. I will be packing my camera and the kids, and will update you on the fun and frolics afterwards!

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  1. I am waiting here with bated breath to hear HOW spectacular this event was but you must be busy gardening bc you are not posting a follow up.


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