Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Pattern Friday: The Loop Cable Cardigan

This pattern comes to you from 1953.  I have included the front page of the publication, complete with the notes from the original owner on it!

Pattern Cover
I chose this one because 1. I think cardigans are very useful and 2. this one has a very interesting cable pattern on it.

Loop Cable Cardigan
It actually reminds me a little of the jumper I made.  Quickly reading the instructions for the cable, I can honestly say it looks like a very interesting method :)  I might try it with something else first (I have lots of things I need to make).

Another interesting thing is the brand on this pattern.  I remember my mum looking at a lot of Jaeger patterns when I was little - because somewhere in the back of my mind I associated it with jaguars.  

This pattern comes in small (12-14), medium (16) and large (18-20) .  That corresponds with modern bust sizes, 30-32, 34 and 36-38.
It asks for a gauge/tension of 7 stitches and 7 rows to 1 inch.  With a smaller needle you could get this with a sportweight yarn (DK), although it asks for a fingering yarn (4 ply).

So without further ado, here is the Loop Cable cardigan pattern.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Free Pattern Friday: 1952 Chevron Top

I have long been a fan of Liz over at Zilredloh, who regularly posts free patterns on her blog.  In fact, she and Bex from Subversive Femme have both shared oodles of free patterns over the years.
Wendy over at the Vintage Pattern Files is linking up a lot of the free patterns out there.

Anyway, in honour of these very generous ladies, I thought I might share one or two of the patterns I have acquired over the years.

This is a pattern from a 1952 Bernat Handicrafter booklet.  I am thinking it was a summer one, because it featured this rather lovely top.

1952 Bernat Handicrafter Pattern

I have a thing about chevrons, and this top, features a nice strong chevron pattern.  This textured look is very nice, and I think rather slimming in its effect.  It looks rather good with the circle skirt doesn't it?

Close up of chevron pattern.

This could readily be made in a nice cotton, either fingering or sport weight- depending on needle size :)
Those little pearl buttons make it look really classy, but I am sure you might try something different!

If you decide to make this, please, drop me a line and let me see the finished product!

1952 Chevron Top

You can download the pattern from this link here.  It is a PDF file, so you will need a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat.  If you need a different format, just let me know!

Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Win a Knitting Book

Tasha from over at By Gum By Golly, was featured on Susan Crawford's blog tour and is hosting a giveaway for Susan's latest book, Coronation Knits.

Vintage Gifts to Knit: The Perfect Christmas Jumper- from
I have long been a fan of Susan's designs- which are all vintage inspired- or even in some cases, reworked vintage designs.

Coronation Knits: Amies - from
Personally, I would love to own these books.  I really need to tell my family this so I can get them added to my birthday/Christmas list ;)

Coronation Knits: Princess Twinset - from
I have showcased my favourites from the book on this page, Tasha has a few more- and of course there are other fabulous patterns from Susan Crawford's designs on her Ravelry page.

Coronation Knits: Lion and Unicorn - from
I have to say though, the Lion and Unicorn jumper is my favourite :)  I would definitely cast on for this one!

Anyway, to read an interview from Susan or to enter to win the book, head on over to Tasha's blog today :) You have until Friday 13th July!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

My 1930's 4th July Outfit

Joining in with the other ladies of Elizabeth's Needle and ThREAD :)
needle and thREAD
OK so you can see my book in yesterday's post... I just finished it, and frankly, I was disappointed.  The ending of the book raised some questions and laid in a setup for a new storyline.  I think I might have to read the other books for best effect ;)

I was SO HOT!  It was in the upper 90s* at this point, and although my dress is lovely and cool cotton, I was STILL hot.  But then, that is not a change from the last couple of weeks.
I have a lovely 1940s hairstyle (courtesy of Solanah's tutorial) and a 1960s basket bag.  The hat and shoes are modern LOL but suit the era.  The dress is from a 1930's pattern, Simplicity 2788.

I made view 1 (left), and just for your information, I later upgraded my belt with a vintage dark red buckle I bought in an antique shop.  It looked much better once I did!
I had originally planned to add rickrack (as shown on the envelope) but I could not find it in either burgundy or cream (the colours of my dress).  I ended up using a cream coloured trim.
However, my dress received lots of compliments throughout the day, as did my hat ;)  And I was happy!  This has been sitting in my UFO basket for ages, so now it has been moved, I am content!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Catherine Wheels and Book Reviews

It seems appropriate that THIS week being 4th July- a big fireworks festival here in the USA- I am making something with the same name as a firework :)

This blanket, which is crocheted, is made in the Catherine Wheel or Bavarian Crochet pattern.

The only problem is here that the camera and computer screen conspire to distort the colour of this blanket- which I am attempting to make look like this one here.  I loved the rainbow of colours, and the fact that this uses up stash yarn so quickly.  In fact, I actually had to buy three balls of yarn to make my rainbow- 1 because I did not have the colour and 2 because I actually RAN OUT of colour!
This is already the size of a decent lap blanket, but since my husband has declared he likes the blanket, it shall be for him- which means full size!

As for the book- it is the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel from Charlaine Harris.  I have been reading these books for years now- about 9 in fact!  I discovered them when they were still in the mystery genre, and have thoroughly enjoyed them ever since.
That being said, I have a few books I have read this summer I *did* want to mention (in case you are still looking for something to read!).

You saw the other day when I mentioned the Cottage at Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri.  I loved this read.  It is slightly paranormal... but not quite in the paranormal genre.  If you like Sarah Addison Allen, you'll enjoy this book too.
When Nora's husband is caught cheating on her, she moves herself and their two girls to the town of her birth, on a small island in Maine.  Here she tries to come to terms with her marriage and decide its future, and at the same time she is trying to find out a little more about her mother, whose mysterious death precipitated her father removing her from the island at a very young age.  With a mysterious fisherman who is washed up by a storm, an aunt who is hiding something and locals of all flavours, it is up to Nora to make some very hard decisions.

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs.  This is the continuation of a series- the Alpha and the Omega.  It is a paranormal series I enjoy, and in fact the author has a second series (Mercy Thompson) set in the same world.  If you enjoy paranormal/Urban fantasy series, you'll enjoy this one.  When Charles, who is acting as the enforcer for the Marrock, starts acting oddly, he is sent to Boston with wife Anna to take his mind off of things.  There, they must uncover a serial killer, who appears to have targeted Werewolves.  When Charles' guilt starts affecting his relationship with Anna, they must find a way to fix it, because her life might depend on it.

The Merchant's House by Kate Ellis.  This is the first in a detective series starring Detective Wesley Peterson.  This series features a detective whose hobby is archaeology.  It is set in South-Western England, and is rather enjoyable.  Wesley has just moved to town when a local archaeological dig unearths a skeleton, and a young lady is discovered dead on the cliffs.  As he investigates, the parallels between the two cases strike a chord, and one might hold the answer to the other.

The Prophet by Amanda Stevens.  This is the second in the Graveyard Queen series, which is about Amelia Grey, graveyard restorer, who can see ghosts.  This series sticks the paranormal stuff firmly in the evil column, and is more in the nature of mystery/thriller type reading.  If you get spooked reading, you might want to avoid it, but I love the series.
Amelia has left Charleston for a job in a remote town in North Carolina.  When she arrives, the town seems to be full of ghosts, and not just the literal ones.  As Amelia gets into the restoration of the small town cemetary, she starts to uncover the town's secrets... and the secrets of her own, personal history.  As she does, her life becomes threatened by some unknown danger.

Juliet by Anne Fortier.  What if Juliet of Romeo and Juliet really existed?  And what if she were a twin and what if there were descendants?  This story (which is fiction) is based off of the tale made famous by Shakespeare.  It switches between the modern story of Julie Jacobs and that of the original Romeo and Juliet.  Julie's Aunt Rose just died, leaving behind instructions on how to find out her mysterious past in Italy.  When Julie gets there, she doesn't find what she expects to find, but is also thrust into danger because of the things her mother hid, things that prove the story of Romeo and Juliet was real, and involving the curse that has affected the families involved ever since.

These are not all the books I have read recently- just the ones I really liked and wanted to recommend ;)  Happy reading!

Yarning along with Ginny.