Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yarn Along and Knit Along together

I thought I would get this yarn along post up early, because... well because it is also part of Twila Jean's knit along :)

If you want to see more in the Yarn Along series, you can go and visit Ginny's site at Small Things.  Twila Jean can of course be found at her blog, Twila Jean, and her 3 Hour Sweater Knit-Along can be found here.

So, back to my sweater for the knit along- the 3 Hour Sweater can be found here- it is a 1930's vintage pattern, which usually needs a little tweaking.
So far, my tweaks are to go down a size of needles from my last time (I did not like the gaps) and to knit in the round.  I added an extra inch to the ribbing, and I shall add another extra inch in the body- because my torso is longer than those of the 1930's- even with high waisted clothing the sweater was too short for my liking! (I prefer it to cover my belly button at least!).  I kept in the side stitches that I would have normally eliminated from knitting it in the round, because I felt like I would need the extra room ;)  I have spent about four or five hours on it so far, including one section of frogging when I realized I had mis-measured it.  I can't be certain how much time I have spent on it- because I usually watch TV or homeschool the kids while doing it.

I have such difficulty photographing red.  And the top is a really pretty colour, it lives up to it's cranberry claims :)  If you have never used Wool-Ease, it is certainly a nice, cheap option.  I would not claim it to be the best yarn out there, but it is easy to find and has lots of colours.
You'll note my reading this week.  yes, I am a huge fan of the ABC show Castle.  So I always read the books from the show.  They are not the most well written books, but the entertainment value is that you see little tributes to the show in there!  This one is better written than the previous two though!  And there is the October edition of Country Living UK beneath it- it was the LAST one in the store- Barnes and Noble never can keep it in stock for very long.  I know a lot of us Brits in the USA enjoy it for the flavour of home- but there are just as many Anglophile Americans who enjoy it too!  I would totally subscribe digitally- if it wasn't for the fact that my primary enjoyment in it is the feel of it when I read it.


  1. Nice sweater! I love Castle too :) That Nathan Fillion is really quite ruggedly handsome!

  2. Thanks Jess- you made me laugh out loud!

  3. I like to watch Castle to and I love the UK country living magazine. Your sweater looks lovely to :) Happy knitting!

  4. Ooh, I've only read the first Richard Castle and I enjoyed the references to the show but found the book a little weak, good to know the third one is better, may have to give them another chance ;)

  5. The pattern is really pretty-- I printed a copy. Your sweater will be beautiful in red.

  6. Thats the second time I've seen that pattern mentioned this week. I might have a little go at it after the gifting rush......... Your yarn is a lovely colour.

  7. We enjoy watching Castle, too! And, someone gave me a copy of that UK Country Living magazine many years ago for a Monkey Sock Swap and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I have a fondness for British literature so someday hope to see in person all the settings for my favorite books.


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