Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Circle Skirt and a Knit-Along

Some time ago I posted about Casey's circle skirt sew along.  I had long planned to participate- but I never got around to finding the fabric I really wanted, and so I resigned myself to not doing it.
Then one day, I realized I had some fabric in my stash that was more than enough to make a circle skirt.  And of course I was in desperate need of some separates.
So I cut out the skirt.  I was not finished in time for Casey's initial circle skirt party- but this time I made it :)
I never did get a petticoat made though (although I did take a good look at some 50's crinolines today for inspiration!).
 The skirt- starched, but sans petticoat.  I used the rolled hem finish, which I am quite impressed with!

And of course, the obligatory twirling picture!  It is a very comfy skirt to wear- and I daresay I was better dressed than most today ;) although my daughter said she looked fabulous in her jeans, t-shirt and brand new boots :p
The skirt is made from cotton, a floral I saw and liked because of it's retro feel.

Now the sew-along is over, I added myself to a knit-along!  (I did say I needed separates!).  This time it is for the 3 hour sweater, and is hosted over at Twila Jean's blog.  You can read about it here and here.
I have made this one before, and I think posted about it, but was not entirely happy with my yarn choice.  I liked the colour, but it ended up too floppy- so this time I chose the equally cheap, but a little sturdier Lion Brand Wool-Ease.  I was loath to make it in actual wool, because I worry I might get too hot- plus I have my Quick knit 1940's Style Sweater on the needles too. 
I am already making some modifications to the 3 hour sweater though- I am knitting it in the round (bottom up) at least to the arms.

And I am knitting it in red- a beautiful shade called cranberry.  We'll see how it goes!


  1. I love your skirt! Absolutely beaufiful!

  2. Beautiful! I love the shoes too. It really looks great on you. I also really love the color yarn you picked. That is really going to look good with your coloring.

  3. Love the skirt. I am a tad upset that whenever I see a fabric that I really like, I see it referred to as "retro." ;-) Makes me feel old.

  4. MOMof3Girls: Thanks!
    Jill: Thank you :) The shoes I have had for a while now! And the yarn is lovely in person too.
    KathyJo: Well in this case, the retro was deliberate because I was going to make a 1940's style dress from it :D
    So think of retro as a new fashion statement ;)

  5. That is a beautiful skirt. Twirly ones are the best. I think you need to take it dancing!

    Peace and Laughter!

  6. Thank :) It does need some twirly time ;)

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