Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Knit Along: April 6th 2011

Ahh... a chance to enter the yarn along again- you can find the other posts over at Ginny's Blog. I know somewhere in my files are pictures of completed knitting pieces from before, that I actually managed to do between the last time I posted a yarn along and now... but I forget what and where!

Here is a completed 3 hour sweater, and another elephant in the works. I am writing out the pattern for him as I go. There are of course, other things in the works, but just not here.

You can see a picture of a Gladys Taber book... I found her after Susan Branch mentioned her in a newsletter. Fabulous and enjoyable writer :) And the other is my current obsession- Vintage clothing. In this case, the 1940's. I shall have to add a Vintage section to the sidebar so you can share the wonders I have found ;) Even better are the wonderful knits the 1940s had on offer. Expect to see more from that era forthcoming!
A couple of notes on the 3 hour sweater. It takes longer than 3 hours (primarily because those huge needles like to slip). If I were to make changes, I might add a little length to the body- maybe extra ribbing too. And I'd do something else with the neckline ;) Also, I recommend when binding off at the sleeves, to use a stretchy bind off as you would for sock ribbing.


  1. I remember the Stillmeadow books, very enjoyable but cold and muddy are what keep leaping to mind. But, it has been 15+ years! I should see if this library has a book or two of hers... :)

  2. My library only had a couple, the one I am reading is a compilation put together to introduce people to Stillmeadow- throughout the year :)
    It is a lot of fun :D


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