Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yarn Along - December 22nd 2010

Another Yarn Along Courtesy of Ginny :)  You should go check out the other entries!

This one was a bit tricky.  I finished my Filigree Cardigan the day after the last yarn along, so I really wanted to post it for this week.  But trying to get a photo of it that does it (and me) justice was HARD!!

This was as good as I could get it, which is to say, not very good.  And there are no books in the photo.  But that's OK, because this week I am working on something new.

 In fact, some of my reading is also involving it.  Yes, I have been tatting!  You can see two pieces there I have made- the bottom one was me practising.  The top one I actually followed a pattern!  I have another one I am in the middle of working on, which is located next to my tatting shuttle there...  It is a bit hard to see though!
The other book, by the way, is part of a series by Kat Richardson involving a Paranormal P.I.   It's a rather enjoyable series so far.

I thought you might be interested in my knitted garland to boot.  Well, it is decorated with knitting anyway :)  You can see a few pieces from Little Cotton Rabbits there, plus a Saint Nicholas I made myself, a Simply Knitting Gingerbread Man (last year's magazine) and the miniature stocking I made up.


  1. I would love to learn to tat! Do you have a book? Did someone teach you?
    Those look lovely!

  2. I have two books, but learned from a video :) You tube has some really good ones, and there is a book by Rozella F. Linden that is a pretty good beginner tatting book. It is called Easy Tatting.

  3. Ooh, tatting; I'm impressed!

  4. wow, never heard about tatting...I'd love to learn that!
    videos are great for learning - I learned how to crochet from a video - it was so easy... :)

    merry christmas!!!

  5. tatting? i'm impressed! it's one of those things i assume must be incredibly difficult ;-) love your filigree cardi!

  6. You can see how to on this video:

    There is also needle tatting, which you can see here:

  7. It's lovely! I think I might need a cute cropped cardigan like that too to accommodate my growing belly. :-)

  8. The sweater is fabulous! Lovely color and gorgeous, simply gorgeous! pattern!!!

    I used to tat when I was a teen, though I can only remember turning out one snowflake that actually looked like a snowflake. The rest were kinda smudgy, dirty snowball looking things by the time I was done with them! lol!

  9. Such a lovely sweater! The photo shows all of the intricate stitches which are beautiful.

  10. Thank you Amanda, Adele, Jen and Swanski!
    Adele- I think it would accommodate a pregnant belly rather nicely :)
    Jen- yes, alas a lot of my tatting looks grey before I am done LOL
    Swanski- that was the tricky part. I really wanted the filigree look to come out :)

  11. Love the sweater! It's similar in style to the one in my post---except mine isn't lacy, just millions of miles of rib.

  12. i think your sweater is lovely and a great shade... your drawings are so fun to look at too! i love the st. nicholas one. : )

  13. Your cardigan turned out lovely and I just love the color that you chose :) WOW!! Tatting! My mom used to do that years ago but I never learned. Your pieces look great. I love how delicated tatted work looks. I hope you will share more as you go :) Merry Christmas!

  14. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Nice cardigan - I don't have the patience to knit (or crochet) anything so big as clothes for myself, lucky I have a baby to knit for...


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