Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Knitting...

Like most artists, I don't restrict myself to one medium :)
So feeling inspired recently, I decided to do some knitting and crocheting...

 I can't even remember when I made these bootees :)  I just love to add a splash of colour to the white though- which makes them suitable for both boys and girls ;)

 This is some Irish Crochet.  It was a baby bonnet pattern- but my thread and hook were too large.  I sized everything down and started over later- perhaps I'll be able to post the finished product later :)

These are pacifier/dummy holders.  A clip behind the decoration at the end holds them onto the baby's clothes :)  The skull is for my nephew...
Oh and these are my OWN designs, so please, do not copy them!  They are copyrighted to me :).

But, I mustn't forget some art that I made (but forgot to upload)!

 My knife :)  Yes, this is for the secret project ;)

 Actually these are all for the secret project!  My rolling pin- this was kind of fun to paint because it has such rich reds and browns!

You can see what this one is ;)

Then there is this picture.  I hate it!  In fact, this and the other picture I did of Anita have bugged me for days.  The other one wouldn't scan, but- well I just don't like this one at all.

Oh well!  Maybe it just means I need new pencils ;)

And you may notice a new look to the blog.  I have tried to tie all of my blogs together- giving a more seamless appearance :)  So the headers match, and each blog is linked near the top of the page in the tabs...  I am still working on that some, but hopefully it'll all work out fine!

And yes, the artwork in the title IS new, it IS a rose and no it is NOT the real Jacobite Rose.  That one does not make a very good logo unfortunately- too busy!


  1. I like the new blog look! I've been considering adding tabs but haven't had enough time lately to think how I want to arrange things. I like that you have things all tied together in one place. Looks great!

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. Thanks Cristina :) I like to separate everything out but would rather it all be accessible on one page- this is the next best thing ;)

  3. The socks are ao adorable!!

    Love checking out Catholic blogs!:)


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