Friday, June 12, 2009

EDM #227: Draw a Tote Bag

EDM #227: Draw a Tote Bag
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I have a bunch of canvas bags that I use for various purposes around the house- 5 for groceries, this one for library books and several others for school related stuff. I have made a few of them even- but this particular one was bought from one of my local libraries - one of the ways they raise money :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


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DD found this on a walk, and left it lying around- fair game, I'll draw it :) I *had* wanted to draw the hawk feather *I* found, but she has hidden it ;)

Painting and Having Fun :)

With the onset of summer (even though it is not 'technically summer, I consider June to be the start lol), come lots of different painting and drawing opportunities. My first picture here was done after seeing it in someone else's photostream.

It was the latest "Use THIS reference photo" challenge. I saw the photo and my fingers itched to draw her- and my paintbrush itched to mess with my paints lol. So I tried it in paints... kind of fun really! I am quite pleased with the way the teeth came out- but need to practise with the skintones.

I sketched this one while standing over the flower- it didn't take too long but I was still grateful for the insect repellent - those mosquitoes are relentless these days!

While sitting at the table, the hummingbirds kept visiting the feeder- squeaking their little squeaks! One perched on the pawpaw tree while it waited for the kids to get out of its way!

THIS was my contribution to drawing day 2009- only I never got around to uploading it then!
This is a Pigma Micron pen- I can't remember the colour name, but it is the light reddish-brown cap ;)

Back with my new paints- I spent the last couple of days experimenting with mixing some, which was somewhat informative :)
Here I did a quick sketch of the tigerlilies in our garden :)
I *did* have to adjust the settings in again... the scanner apparently doesn't like greens and yellows!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

EDM #223...

...Draw Your Favourite Sound

EDM #223: Draw Your Favourite Sound
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Click on picture for larger image with a few notes :)

My favourite sound huh? Well I have a few- like running water (fountain or stream or ocean) or those HUGE windchimes hanging in my local garden centre.
But the reason for the latter is that I love CHIMES. All kinds of chimes- but especially BELLS.
This is a (not so great) picture of my parent's local church. It is less than 5 minutes walk from them, and every Thursday from the age of 10, I would hear the bell ringers practise. I loved that sound... it was heard again on Sundays and at weddings- and my favourite chime is the peal- all the bells in order from highest to lowest, repeated over and over...
So since I can't draw the bells (no photo and 3000 miles is a LONG way to travel to get them AND I don't think they'd let my parents take one lol) I drew the bell tower and the West end of the church.
I had to adjust the colour in my photo editing software so it was closer to what I painted- which was a lot yellower than the real thing... still getting used to my lovely luscious new paints ;))

Monday, June 01, 2009


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So here I go with the first day of June- and the first day of getting to use my new Daniel Smith watercolours AND the first page of a new journal. This is one I made ages ago with watercolour paper (cold press 140lb). I couldn't resist the paints and I needed the better quality paper... and WOW do these paints have COLOUR. I dont think I am going back to my old student grade ;)
The lizard is, I believe, a broad-headed skink :)